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Chairman Paterson's New Year's Message | Development in the Year of the Rabbit

作者:admin 浏览:700 发表时间:2023-02-05

In the Spring Festival of 2023, several friends talked to me about the development of "Patterson" and "seismic frequency resonance exploration technology". In this regard, I will only summarize the "technical development" issue, and finally put forward my shallow knowledge. To attract jade by throwing bricks.

First, summarize the history of technology development. In the early days, this technology was inspired by learning "Nakamura Technology" and developed a set of "simplified process" seismic frequency resonance technology, which was applied to archaeology and engineering geological experiments of urban subways; later, "simplified process" added "simplified process" Noise suppression” and “Surface Acquisition Condition Correction” and other technologies, and further added the “time-varying vibration field correction” technology, forming the current set of theory and technology system, and completed a number of theoretical guidance practice and practice correction theory work . In 2020, in the practical application of this technology in the field of coalfield and coalbed methane exploration, we found that in exploration areas with good geological conditions and drilling depth calibration, the exploration resolution can reach 3 to 5 per thousand (coal seam thickness/vertical depth), this is quite an astonishing finding. From 2021 to 2022, with the further improvement of technology (the basic theory has also been revised), we will apply it to the field of metal ore exploration under complex geological conditions. Through imaging results and comprehensive geological analysis, we have designed 10 mines for customers. Exploration wells, the customer finally implemented 5 exploration wells. Among these 5 exploration wells, 4 exploration wells found ore, and the mineral types were gold, silver, copper, lead and zinc, and 1 exploration well saw skarn. At the end of 2022, an oil and gas exploration area in Texas, the United States, has begun to use this technology for exploration and guide the perforation of drilling; several Canadian oil, gas and metal mining companies have begun to negotiate with Patterson about the application of this technology. At present, this technology has gone abroad, and it has been "walking with mules and horses" in the world. This is a very good development momentum.

Secondly, summarize the problems that still exist in "technical development" that need to be solved urgently.

1. This technology has not been widely recognized in the industry, especially the mainstream geophysics community has not yet paid attention to it.

2. The technology has not yet achieved success in the field of petroleum geophysical exploration, which is in a monopoly position.

3. This technology still has the accuracy problem of "shear wave velocity modeling", which needs to be solved by proposing a new theoretical scheme.

The first two questions are interrelated questions. "Seismic Frequency Resonance Prospecting Technology" is so young, the industry is not ready to find a niche for it, many never even got a chance to see it for what it is, and we don't do a good job of evangelizing the technology. With the development of technology, the dissemination of knowledge, the accumulation of example applications and the increase of application customers, people's understanding of it will be greatly improved. Compared with 3 years ago, when people talk about "seismic frequency resonance exploration technology", their attitudes have changed a lot, and there is no longer any strange vision. Therefore, the issue of development within the oil and gas industry will also be a matter of practice and time. Practice is artificial, and time is bought with redoubled efforts. We believe that with the implementation of a number of national key oil and gas projects that Paterson participated in in 2023, "Seismic Frequency Resonance Exploration Technology" will definitely emerge in the oil and gas industry, making people realize that it may not just be an insignificant "little grass" ".

The problem of "shear wave velocity modeling" seriously restricts the accuracy and resolution of our "seismic frequency resonance exploration technology" application. This problem is a deep-seated problem related to the basic theory of this technology. So far, the picking of shear wave velocity still relies on "micro-motion" technology or "velocity logging". The velocity obtained by the former is actually very rough, which is equivalent to the velocity obtained by "volume exploration". The velocity parameter obtained by the latter is usually the longitudinal wave velocity, and there are certain errors in converting it into shear wave velocity. Therefore, how to deal with the problem of "shear wave velocity modeling" is very important for the development of seismic frequency resonance exploration technology.

A feasible technical solution has been applied in our actual data processing, namely:

1. In the case of drilling, the artificially set velocity model is applied, and then the imaging profile is compared with the standard layer to correct the velocity model.

2. In the case of no drilling, apply the velocity model obtained by "fretting", or apply the rock standard velocity model given in the textbook, in order to obtain an imaging profile with a certain error.

In any case, the above-mentioned schemes are flawed, and the final solution should be to intensify scientific research efforts to develop a set of shear-wave velocity modeling techniques of its own.

Finally, I think the development of "Seismic Frequency Resonance Exploration Technology" in 2023 should be focused on the following aspects:

1. It should have a better performance in metal ore exploration;

2. In coal field and oil and gas exploration, it should have excellent performance where conventional seismic exploration technology is difficult to play a role;

3. On the international geological exploration stage, it should represent China's exploration technology to bring excellent performance.

Colleagues who pay attention to "seismic frequency resonance exploration technology", please pay more attention to this technology in the new year, love this technology, and make it dance more beautifully on a wider stage.

Finally, I wish colleagues who care about "seismic frequency resonance exploration technology" a successful career and good health in the new year!