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BEIJING PETROSOUND GEOSERVICES COR.PSGis a high-tech enterprise certified by the Ministry of Science and Technology, and was officially listed on the New OTC System of China (stock code 837782) in May 2016. The company is mainly engaged in seismic exploration and data processing and interpretation technical services, development and sales of high-precision seismic digital acquisition stations, and related software development and application business. Whave several sets of software platforms with independent intellectual property rights, domestic and foreign patents covering 14 invention patents and 18 software copyrights, It has obtained ISO9001:2015 quality management system certification, and won 2 national and provincial science and technology awards .

We are always commit to Independent innovation and improvement of professional R&D level,The technical level is in the leading position in the industrySeismic Frequency Resonance Technique (SFRT) developed by PSG independently is a new geophysical exploration method. Imaging of geological bodies is based on the commonality of seismic waves underground - resonance phenomena. This technology has been widely used in the fields of coalfield and oil & gas geological exploration, metal and non-metallic mineral exploration, geothermal field exploration, geological disaster prevention and control, urban underground space and other fields, and has achieved remarkable results in geological exploration such as geological body division, fault structure search, cavity identification, pipeline tracking, and fracturing monitoring.It has been widely used in various fields after 5 years of hundreds of experiments and actual production, Leading the development trend of industry technology gradually.

Our company has participated in a number of national scientific research projects with the accumulation of a large number of technical patents and the company's good reputation for technical services, including: two national "863" key projects, one special project under the national "major petroleum project", four projects under the "deep exploration project" of the Ministry of Land, three projects under the National Geological Survey, and two projects of the SME Innovation Fund of the Ministry of Science and Technology.